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Rays Tank: Dat Slider

Your one-stop-shop for complaining about your favorite team

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Welcome to the Rays Tanks, where the Rays are Sugar and tanks are between the thighs of Scottish Conservative politician Ruth Davidson, and I just lost my train of thought.

Um...Link Dump...Banal Chatter...something something...Oh! how 'bout some a trip down the baseball memory hole? Ladies, gentlemen, and Darbys, I give you: August 24th:


Stop #1 gives a classic Rays highlight, where the prize of the Victor Zambrano trade records his first big league strikeout in 2004.

Dang, 'member dat slider? That was so sick.


Our second stop goes way back to 1983, where Tippy Martinez of the O's picked off three Blue Jays in the same inning.

Now, the set up for this if you missed it in the video is that the Orioles were forced into playing infielder Lenn Sakata behind the plate, and Toronto couldn't wait to run on him. Sakata had never played catcher before, not in the majors or the minors, and never would again. This was his only professional inning behind the plate. But when you don't know what you're doing, it's good to know that Tippy Martinez has your back.


Remember that Carl Crawford guy? What ever happened to him?

Even guys who fall off the face of the earth can have a day sometimes. Good for you, CC. Good for you.


Nothing much going on in the Deep Tracks section, at least none that are available on video. So, since this is my column and not yours, take a gander at the first big league dinger of one of my favorite players ever, which, as it happened, was also his debut, in Yankee Stadium no less -- and an extra-inning game winner to boot! -- from this day in 1981.

How about that!


Here's some other stuff that happened on August 24th:

  • 1905: The Cubs beat the Phils 2-1 in 20 innings. Ed Reulbach gets the win. It's a complete game. That would be a few more than three times through the order.
  • 1918: Secretary of War grants an extended exemption to players participating in the World Series. Ten percent of revenue is to go to war charities. Because bullets don't grow on trees.
  • 1919: Ray Caldwell is struck by lightning during the ninth inning for Cleveland. He stays in the game and records the final out to get the win, because 1) he's a bad ass, and 2) it's just the Phillies
  • 1951: In another Bill Veeck PR stunt, the Browns hold "Fan's Managers' Night." Fans hold yes/no cards to vote on the manager's decision, leading St. Louis to a 5-3 win over the Philadelphia. But don't worry, it's the other Philadelphia team getting embarrassed this time.
  • 1971: Ernie Banks hits the 512th and final homer of his legendary career. The Cubs beat the Reds 5-4.
  • 1989: Bart Giamatti perma-bans Pete Rose for betting on baseball.


But enough ancient history. What's up with Your Rays right now? As promised, here's your Link Dump:

Go Rays!