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Ray Tank: The DDJ BB HBP

Your one stop shop for complaining about your favorite baseball team

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Welcome to the Rays Tanks, where the rays are in nets, and the tanks are an unsustainable metaphor for a daily column. But before we get to the Link Dump™ and Banal Chatter™, let's take a quick jog down memory lane. Ladies, gentlemen, and Andersbots, I give you: August 27th.


I enjoyed yesterday's two-fer so much, I decided to do it again. Today, we get a dominant start from Matt Garza against Toronto in 2008, backed by Carlos Pena taking David Purcey deep for the game's only run.

It's too bad baseball seasons aren't on Netflix, because there are days I could really stand to binge-watch some 2008 Rays.


Our next stop takes us to Yankee Stadium in 1977, where Toby Harrah and Bump Wills of the Rangers go back-to-back in a most peculiar fashion.

I actually remember watching this game as a ten year old. It was probably the first of a bazillion times I ever uttered the phrase "I've never seen that before." Funny game, baseball is.


Our ex-Rays clip takes us to Chicago in 2012, where David DeJesus walks. And then gets hit by a pitch from the bullpen.

Heads up!


Last stop is some real history. Because on this date in 1982, the greatest leadoff hitter in history (just ask him) stole his 119th bag of the season to break Lou Brock's single season record. Then, to prove that wasn't a fluke, he stole his 120th of the season. And 121st. And 122nd.

"But wait!" you say. "That's a lame highlight collection thing. Where's the video of the game?" It's in there -- starting at about 24 seconds -- along with other Rickey goodness. Because you can never have too much Rickey Henderson. Just ask Rickey, he'll tell you.


Here's some other stuff that happened on August 27th:

1911: Ed Walsh no-hits the Red Sox at Comiskey Park.

1937:  Fred Frankhouse no-hits the Reds at Ebbets Field for 7 2/3 innings before rain stops play. It is one of 37 no-hitters wiped off the books when MLB redefines a no-hitter in 1991, requiring the starter to throw nine or more hitless innings.

1938: Joe DiMaggio triples in three consecutive at bats for the Yankees in an 8-7 win over Cleveland.

1938: Monte Pearson no-hits the Indians in Yankee Stadium. Is it just me, or are there a lot of these today?

1951: Del Wilber of the Phillies hits three solo homers against the Reds in a 3-0 win. Some Sky King era baseball fan said for the eleventy billionth time: "I've never seen that before." And he was right.

1975: Craig Kusick of the Twins ties a major league record by being hit by a pitch three times in one game. On the plus side, the last one leads to the game's only run in a 1-0 win over the Brewers.

1978: Joe Morgan hits his 200th home run, becoming the first member of the 200/500 club.


But enough ancient history. What's going on with Your Rays right now? As promised, here's your Link Dump.

  • What do Cubs players think about Joe Maddon? (Queue outrage from people who like to enforce short memories.) If you don't want to read about Maddon, just skip to the comments where there's a good argument between "Rational Fan" and "Arc" about how sports books operate. A few notes: 1) Both of them are part right, but which one is more right comes down to how confident the bookmakers are in their ability to set the "correct" line. 2) I've found that when I (Ian) pay close attention to other sports, I can make money betting football, basketball, and maybe soccer, but I lose when I try to bet baseball. My theory is that because the analysis in baseball is so far ahead of the others, the guys who do it as a full-time job (bookmakers) are just way better than me at it, and are pretty much always setting the right line (meaning that "Rational Fan" is right). With other sports, they can't necessarily do that as surely, so they are further on the spectrum towards mitigating risk.
  • How does defense change over the course of a season?
  • Is the walk year a good motivation?
  • In case you weren't watching last night, here's the update on Casali's hamstring.