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DRaysBay Fantasy Baseball Association promotion and relegation spots

Who gets to move up?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, thanks a ton to everyone who participated in the inaugural season DraysBay Fantasy Baseball Association. I haven't managed to write about it on the site as much as I wanted to, but for me at least, it's been a pleasure to take part in. I'm currently sitting in seventh in the low-A tier (although I'm fairly certain I'll be able to pass up the dobber for sixth place before the season finishes), but getting destroyed by the community is way more fun than it seems like it would be.

In our league, powersjeremy13 is sitting in the front with a few other owners still within striking distance as he's already hit his innings limit, but there's more than the win that people are playing for. This is a five-tiered association, so while the MLB tier is strictly playing for the win and for a baseball bow tie, everyone else is playing to win promotion and to avoid relegation. With the trade deadline on Monday, it's past time that I inform everyone of the expected promotion levels for each tier.

You can read the full rules here, but here's the important part. The owner of the last place team in each league is relegated. If any team is abandoned, it's owner's slot is sent not to the league below but to the bottom of the entire association, opening up more spots for promotion.

Disappointingly, there was no league without at least one abandoned team, but the point is for that to work itself out over a few years by promoting the more dependable owners. Here's how things stand.

Level Abandoned Promotion
AAA 2 Winner
AA 1 Top 3
A+ 4 Top 4
A- 3 Top 8

Yes, low-A. That says that eight of us are getting promoted. And yes, there are nine active owners. Right now, the only person not in a promotion spot is magicrays, who desperately needs to stream some pitching and get some innings (I do too).

It sort of takes the sting out of the trade deadline to have nine people competing for eight spots, but I for one, am looking forward to a mulligan in high-A Hudson Valley.