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Rays Tank: KK's inventive routes

Your one stop shop for complaining about your favorite not-technically-eliminated-from-the-playoffs baseball team.

Rick Gershon/Getty Images

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Hey, welcome to the Rays Tank, where we're playing out the (silly) string, just like your favorite baseball team. Say, did you know today is Trail Mix Day? Because if anything needs a day for itself, it's the healthy snack food nobody wanted to eat until somebody decided to throw M&Ms into it, simultaneously making it edible and ruining its purpose.

Also, it's my mom's birthday. (Happy birthday, Mom!)

Let's see what else happened today. Ladies, gentlemen, and budmen, I give you: August 31st:


It was a year ago today that Kevin Kiermaier ran a fade route and robbed then-Sox Daniel Nava.

He totally should have spiked the ball after this one.


It was also on this day in 2010 that the non-communist baseball fans were introduced to Aroldis Chapman and his heater.

I don't see what the big deal was. That first pitch was only 98.


Hey, remember that time Rule 5 dude Jose Bautista was plucked off waivers from the O's by the DRays in 2004? And then we sold him to the Royals? And then the Royals traded him to Mets for non-magic beans? And then the Mets made him part of bigger trade with Pittsburgh that also involved former (D)Rays Ty Wigginton and Jeff Keppinger? And then Joey spent years sucking in Pittsburgh? Man, am I glad we at least got something for that guy.



The last stop hopefully will wash that bitter taste out of your mouth. On this day in 1990, Griffey Sr. joined Griffey Jr. in Seattle.

They would play together into 1991. So many cool things about those 90s Mariners. Hey, remember when they almost moved to the Trop? Hahahaha.


Here's some other things that happened on August 31sts:

  • 1906: 46 year-old Sam Thompson comes out of retirement to help out the injury-wracked Tigers. Even though his last game was in 1898, he drives in two to help Detroit beat the Browns. But that's okay, Wade & Fred! We'll just call up Allen Dykstra!
  • 1935: Vern Kennedy tosses a no-no as the White Sox beat Cleveland 5-0. Kennedy also has a bases loaded triple. Seriously?
  • 1950: Gil Hodges has a four homer day for the Dodgers against the Boston Braves. He also adds a single.
  • 1968: Roy Face comes on in relief for the Pirates and retires Felix Millan, breaking Walter Johnson's record of 802 appearances for one team. After the game, the Pirate turn heel and announce they've sold Face to the Tigers.
  • 1989: In case regarding whether owners colluded to suppress salaries of free agents, an arbitrator rules in favor of the players. Major league owners to pay $10.5 million in damages.

But enough ancient history. What's going on with Your Rays right now? Here's your Link Dump: