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Rays prospect Carter Burgess tweeted something stupid

A regrettable opinion and decision.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Carter Burgess made a mistake last night.

Burgess has been on the disabled list since the 24th of July and has kept a non-existent profile. At least he had, until late last night, while he was watching Baseball Tonight when he decided posting a tweet about a female analyst on the show would be a good idea.

It was in poor taste and has since been removed, also Burgess has since deleted his account from Twitter.

However, due to the power of screen capturing, the tweet will forever live on.


Carter Burgess was drafted in the 28th round of last year's draft. He had an excellent debut season last year with Princeton. In 53 games he slashed .307/.370/.411 with 2 homers in 53 games. This year he started with Bowling Green, but has also spent some time with Charlotte. He hasn't done very well at the plate though. He's not a star but now people know his name.

The Rays noticed the chatter and released a statement regarding the tweet.

"Carter has been spoken to this morning and was informed of our displeasure regarding his comment. It does not in any way reflect the views of our organization." - Rick Vaughn, Tampa Bay Rays President of Communications.