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DRaysBay Fanpost Competition: July 2015

Voting on the Finalists

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to those who participated in our first attempt at a DRaysBay Fanpost Competition.

To review, any and all were welcomed to write about the Rays in the FanPost section and tag it DRBFC, in hopes of winning a prize. Those prizes are as follows:

1. First Place: Two Rays flex packs! This includes the Rays Gift prize that accompanies the purchase of these flex packs as well, ranging from a tumbler, a t-shirt, a bobble head, a hat, a jacket, you choose! But if you don't live near Tropicana Field and are in, say, Boston? Then I'll give you a replacement Rays prize worth $100.

2. Second Place: A really cool hat! There's lots of really cool hats in the mlb store, and I'll send you one of your choice and size.

3. Third Place: A phone date with Hatfield! That's right, you'll get to talk to The Real Nolen Bailey on the phone for like half an hour.

(The actual Third Place prize! Something from the clearance section on the Rays website. After all, it's what $tu would do. No you don't get to choose.)

And since this is a community site, we will be deciding the winners as a community, which you might remember from the rules:

4. Winners will be determined through a +1 commenting system once the finalists have been selected from the FanPost section by yours truly.

Yes, I get to choose the finalists. And before you ask, Toppah, you forgot to talk about the Rays in your well-rec'd submission. A crucial error, you are not a finalist.

DRBFC: Why Kevin Cash won't allow many complete games

DRBFC: Indians at Rays Preview

DRBFC: Most Valuable Rivera?

DRBFC: Trade Deadline.........Protection For Longo In The Lineup

DRBFC: A look at selling

DRBFC: Brad Boxberger and Tipping Pitches

DRBFC: The Curious Case of Evan Longoria's Missing Power

DRBFC: Second-Half AL East Predictions

DRBFC: Days Lost to the Disabled List: Much ado about nothing?

DRBFC: The Rays are Not Buyers. But What if They Were?

I will add this caveat to the prizes: Whoever wins third place, I will let you have one choice: Hatfield, or the mystery box.

Now put on your thinking caps, review the submissions, and vote with our standard +1 system in the comments below. Winners will be declared whenever I find an internet cafe in Belgium.