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Rays Tank: Ball boys gone wild

Also, more Dan Johnson.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Ladies, gentlemen, and hatfields, welcome to the Rays Tank, where the hope is manufactured and the leads don't matter. But! Did you know, dear Rays fans, that things were not always so? It's true! Once upon a time, this team was the one rallying instead of the one giving the game away. And those days will come again, because that's the circle of baseball.

Now, today is not that day. Obviously. But to tide you over till then, how about some highlights from better days. Because what today is, is the five year anniversary of the day the Dan Johnson did this:

And this:

Anytime you can say "this is the anniversary of the day Dan Johnson did..." it's probably going to be a good day, right? So of course Rafael Soriano came on to pick up his 43rd save and put the Rays back in first place.

But that's not all! Also in this game, the right field ball boy did this:

And this:

And what does this little tour tell us? I think the videos speak for themselves, but for those of you who need things spelled out: it's clear that what the Rays need to turn this around in bigger, more athletic ball boys.


No history tour today, so let's get to the Link Dump:

  • Players, like Chris Archer, sometimes sign long-term team-friendly contracts before arbitration to give up the more extreme possible future earnings and instead give themselves financial security early in their careers. But what if there was a way to bypass the team and cut a deal that did the same thing with a private company and private investors? That's Fantex, and it's coming to baseball with Andrew Heaney.
  • Slow day on the links, so here's a good picture of Erasmo, before things fell apart.