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Rays Tank: When catchers hit

It happened, once.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Rays Tank, where the Rays are hall of fame linebackers, and the tanks are also hall of fame linebackers.

Once upon a time, September 16th was catchers day.

First 2008.

Then 2009:

But then the Rays catcher went hitless for the next six years. It's sort of been a problem in these parts


  • In today's Tampa Bay Times, Tompkin has an article with lots of quotes from Brad Boxberger and it's a doozy. Apparently, Boxberger wants to blame his recent struggles on his usage.
  • Also from Topkin, Asdrubal Cabrera is day-to-day, there are no set dates for the return of Desmond Jennings or Curt Casali, and Xavior Cedeno will pitch to live hitters on Thursday, with a possible return soon after.
  • Someone at Fangraphs, who I assume is Matt Moore, wrote about Matt Moore and his lack of a fastball.
  • Eno Sarris's talk with Erasmo Ramirez prompted him to think more about hanging pitches.
  • Behind the pay wall, but a good article about hitters and the count from Matthew Trublood at Baseball Prospectus.