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Rays Tank: Smile percentage

But dat footwork!

Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Welcome to the Rays Tank, where the bases are empty and the masthead is loaded.

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

How loaded? Well, so loaded that a certain member of the masthead wrote an entire column thinking today was a completely different day. So you get tomorrow's clips a day early. You're welcome?

Ladies, gentlemen, and Jaredswards, I give you: not September 17th!


At the Trop in 2008, Evan Longoria goes yard thrice.


In case you didn't hear, the Rays are signing Carlos Pena to a one-day contract this week so he could retire as a Ray. Which means it's gonna be a bit a Carlos Pena love-fest around here, and rightfully so. I'm sure there will be lots of talk about the bombs and scoops and the smile%. What often gets overlooked is his range and his throws.

Nifty footwork for a big man.


From 2010, pre-ex-Ray Jose Molina picks off the Red Sox Ryan Kalish.

Honestly, this is what I was most disappointed in when he played for us. I mean, I already knew he wasn't much of a hitter; that's why he never started. But I always thought he had a great arm. Turned out, not so much.


Roger Clemens fans 20 for the second time in his career

Pretty good, but he's no Chris Archer.


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