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Rays Tank: Run Daddy Run

I need you now so please somehow put rockets on your feet.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Welcome to the Rays Tank, where history repeats itself and history repeats itself. But only because some writers can't use calendars properly. So today, we have a special treat(?): September 18th - Part 2.


Remember when the Rays used to be a running team? Wasn't that fun? Let's take a look back at that. Here the fellas are in 2011 undressing the Red Sox and Jason Varitek.

But you know, there is one particular trip around the bases from this game deserves some special attention. Let's review.



From the Joe Dillon All-Star files, here's Freddy Guzman making an impact in his only appearance as a Ray.

He would come around and score the game winner on a Desmond Jennings walk-off single.


Only one non-Ray highlight today. There's nothing particularly fast about it -- other than how quickly things got away from the Padres -- but it is pretty furious, as the Dodgers go back-to-back-to-back-to-back with no outs in the ninth to tie the game. Then, after the Friars actually took the lead in the 10th, Nomar walks it off.

Even Vin Scully can't believe it, and he's seen everything.


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