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September 29 in Rays history: The other Game 162

Paul Schrieber be like, "How 'bout some cheese to go with your whine?"

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Welcome to the Rays Tank, where the situations are precarious and The Situation is probably still in rehab. Is he still a thing? I don't do pop culture. He's not? Well, maybe he was still a thing when today's spotlight game was played. It would make a nice segue.

Wrong segue

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Wrong segue.

Today we're gonna take a look at the other Game 162 worth remembering. On this day, two years ago, the Rays hung on to beat the Blue Jays, forcing a tie with Texas for the last Wild Card spot and setting up Game 163 in Arlington.

This one looked like it was going to be an easy win, as the Rays put up a six-spot in the first.

And then Wil Myers tacked on another in the fourth inning.

And Matt Moore was on top of his game, working five shutout innings. But in the sixth, things started to go sideways. Mark DeRosa, with what would be the last hit of his career, plated two runs against Matty Mo.

The Jays would end up with three in the sixth, all charged to Moore, who did not finish the frame. They scored another in the seventh, leading to a Joe Maddon ejection.

The ejection was followed by this huge double play.

But even that could not stem the tide, as the Jays pushed across two more in the eighth, making it a 7-6 game. Thankfully Fernando Rodney, who entered the game in the inning prior and was erratic, managed to lock it down in the ninth.

Had it all the way. The 2013 Rays were on to Game 163, and we're off to the Link Dump with your co-host, Ian: