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September 30th in Rays history: The ShopMoore Show

The day we steamrolled the Rangers on the first step to a World Series title shut up that's the way I remember it.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Welcome to the Rays Tanks, where there's water on Mars and not much daylight left in this once-promising season. Today we continue our look at big moments from the team we all love and cheer for. Today, we check in on the 2011 squad which, on this day in Rays history, opened a can of whupass on the Rangers in the first game of the ALDS. First, Johnny Damon got the ball rolling with a two-run shot in the second inning.

Later in the same inning, Matt Joyce would squeeze one past a diving Ian Kinsler for a single, driving in Kelly Shoppach.

That wasn't the only time Shop would cross the plate. In a performance that I totally called, the much maligned backstop went yard not just once...

...but twice!

Meanwhile, Matt Moore, in just his second career big league start, was nearly unhittable.

Johnny Damon capped off the scoring with some lolfense-lite in the 9th...

...before Wade Davis came on to close out this laugher.

I'm assuming the season ended with a Rays World Series title, since I have no recollection of any more games from that year. I mean, can you honestly tell me these Rangers -- or anybody, really -- were capable of beating this juggernaut? No. I didn't think so.

Here's Ian with your Link Dump.

So apparently Ian is either busy or there is literally no news. So here's a fan demonstrating why bringing your glove to a game might not always be a bad thing.

As a metaphor, the fan is the Rays, and the ball is the 2015 baseball season.