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Rays Tank: Seeking a highlight for the end of the season

I'm all out of jokes.

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Ladies, gentlemen, and domebiscuits, welcome to the Season Over Edition of the Rays Tank. Let's look at some goofy plays to try and help us forget.


It's September 8. 2010, Rays down by three, with Sox on second and third, infield in, when David Ortiz hits a grounder to Ben Zobrist. Hilarity ensures.



Last year in LA, the Dodgers and Padres Little Leaguing it.

I think the Kershaw hop at the end might be my favorite part.


Hey look, it's a woman in a big hat!

el oh el


Something is bugging Justin Verlander



Well, this is Kurios...

I want a pair of those accordion pants.


Here's some other September 8ths from players whose clubs were also out of contention (probably):

  • 1916: A double record day: The smallest crowd in American League history (23 fans) show up at a rain soaked Shibe Park in Philly to watch switch-hitter Wally Schang for the hometown A's become the first player in major league history to homer from both sides of the plate in the same game.
  • 1940: In the first game of a doubleheader, Johnny Mize has the fourth three-homer game of his career. He is the first player with that many homer hat tricks. Despite his efforts, the Cards lose the game to Pirates 16-14. They also lose the second game 9-4. Such a Rays things to do.
  • 1942: In the Best City, the first exhibition game between two Negro League teams is finally played when the Philadelphia Stars beat the Baltimore Elite Giants 8-7 at Fenway Park.
  • 1965: In a promotion designed by Charlie Finley's Kansas City A's, Bert Campaneris becomes the first major leaguer to play all nine positions in a single game. The A's lose to the Angels in 13 innings.
  • 1985: Pete Rose singles twice against the Cubs at Wrigley Field, the second which ties Ty Cobb's all-time record of 4,191 hits. The game is suspended by darkness (isn't that convenient?) allowing Charles Hustle to break the record at home.
  • 1993: Darryl Kile of the Astros no-hits the Mets. The lone run for the Mets in the 7-1 Houston victory comes on a walk, an error, and a wild pitch.
  • 1998: Mark McGwire hits #62, breaking Roger Maris' single season record.

But enough of that. Here's your Link Dump:

  • First off, the news Rays fans did not want to hear. Their will be no Snell sighting in the majors this year, probably. It makes some sense, although clearing a 40-man spot isn't the toughest thing for this team to do right now, and they will need to add Snell for next year, anyway.