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Franklin, Bellatti return to Rays

Nick Franklin and Andrew Bellatti should join the team later today in Detroit

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Following yesterday's disappointing loss to the Detroit Tigers, thanks to the mighty bat of Rajai Davis, the Rays promoted a powerful bat of their own, as Nick Franklin received a call-up...

Also joining the Rays for the rest of the season will be Andrew Bellatti who made his major league debut earlier in the season. impressing during that stint.

Yesterday, the Durham Bulls completed their season leading to much speculation that the Rays would be adding a couple of exciting prospects (Blake Snell & Taylor Motter) who've had excellent minor league campaigns, but as the report came in, Rays fans will have to accept Franklin and Bellatti will be the last of the September call-ups...for now.

Short of the Rays rising in the standings, this is likely it.

Nick Franklin entered spring training and confidently declared that he would be the opening day short stop. He lost that battle rather quickly as Asdrubal Cabrera only took about a week to win the job. After that, Franklin was the front runner for the second baseman job, then he tore his oblique. In the meantime, Logan Forsythe found his niche and took the starting job, leaving Franklin orphaned to the bench when he was activated.

Not wanting to relegate their deadline acquisition to a bench role (also due to dreadful results), the Rays optioned him to Durham where he could get regular playing time.

Durham .266 .353 .500 11 30 4 21.7% 12.2% 147 57
Tampa Bay .139 .205 .250 1 3 1 30.8% 7.7% 26 28

Can he replicate that 147 at the major league level?

Joining the Rays bullpen will be Andrew Bellatti, who provided the Rays with much needed long relief outings earlier in the season.

If it weren't for the rash number of injuries the Rays sustained throughout the season, Bellatti's story may have never been known by most fans of the team, but it's rather remarkable that he's been able to advance through the system and actually deliver solid performances for the Rays this season. In fact his only blemish in the majors was a two run homer courtesy of Albert Pujols who was going through his 'I'm going to hit everything for a home run' phase.

Charlotte 0 0 7.71 8.31 4.6% 0.0% .364 2 2/2 4.2
Durham 2 1 5.24 3.70 22.1% 7.5% .273 5 4/20 46.1
Tampa Bay 2 0 1.50 4.39 22.0% 14.0% .167 1 0/5 12.0