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Tank: Rays Sign Mori (In 2006)

Morning Links and News!

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This Date in Team History!

In 2006, the Rays signed Japanese pitcher Shinji Mori to a two year deal valued at $1.4 million, a month after winning the posting bid for him, making him the first player the Rays have signed through this process. Mori was an eight year veteran pitcher for the Seibu Lions who racked up high strikeout totals throughout his years in Japan. Unfortunately, Mori would only throw three pitches in an actual game (minor league spring training game) for the Rays before severely dislocating his shoulder. He required season ending surgery that effectively ended his career.


Trivia Time!

The answer to yesterday's trivia was Dan Johnson. Answered correctly by swampchomp7!

The lone wrong answer was Jonny Gomes

Today's prospect:

[Prospect] has a quick bat and began to show plus power in 2005. He has the tools to be an above-average defensive third baseman with good range and a strong arm. An average runner, he’s versatile with the ability to play second base and all three outfield positions.

Hint: he was a top ten prospect in 2003, and then again in 2006.


There are 83 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of runs allowed by James Shields during the 2011 season.

Zero of those runs came during this superb start.



- Keith Cromer of Baseball Prospectus bets on Matt Moore returning to 2013 form.

- Rays ask for final year of stadium contract shaved off; St. Pete basically says, "OK"

Rays Colored Glasses takes a look at 2015 drafree, Ian Gibaut

- Over at the Rays radio blog, Neil Solondz wonders which current players would be hall of famers if they decided to hang up their cleats today.

- Danny's favorite off-season candidate Seung-hwan "The Final Boss" Oh, a Korean born closer from Japan, is headed to the Cardinals.

In our write up, 65% of voters said he was worth 2/$12 on a major league deal

- Not at all baseball related, but music legend David Bowie passed away at the age of 69.