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Tank: Not-so-great Scott!

Plus, trivia and links.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

This Date in Team History!

In 2012, the Rays signed slugger Luke Scott to a one year deal at $5 million, with an option for a second year. Scott was coming off a down year with the Orioles, but still possessed plenty of power so the Rays were hoping for some of that to emerge. Unfortunately, he didn't have that great of a year as he slashed .229/.285/.439 with 14 home runs over 96 games, good for 0.0 WAR.


Trivia Time! (Ian)

The answer to yesterday's question was Jose Bautista

I'm taking over Tuesdays and Thursdays trivia to keep Sanford from getting burnt out/running out of questions. The offseason is . . . long. We'll start with an easy one.

Below is a movement graph showing a pitcher's stuff from one year with the Rays. In this season, the fastball averaged 87.8 mph, the change up 79.2 mph, and the slider 77.4 mph, all according to Brooks Baseball.

Hint: This player's best years did not come in Tampa Bay, but he did notch 26 of his 32 career saves here.


There are 82 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of wins recorded by David Price during his Rays' days.

Here's the very first one that came on May 30th, 2009.


Links! (Ian)

- There's a court case about to start up about MLB broadcast rights. Of particular interest to Rays fans, the exclusive area rights teams have is one of the biggest barriers to small market teams like the Rays changing markets. If teams are allowed to directly compete with each other, the relocation discussion becomes more real.

- Jeff Sullivan did a fan poll about ownership. And guess what? Fans like the Rays ownership okay -- middle of the pack.

- On the historical success or lack thereof of number one picks.

- Retrospective of a HoF Ray.

- Some neat visualizations of HoF careers. And here's Kevin Dame's tool to look at some of the more illustrious Rays: LongoPriceShieldsZobristCrawford.

- The Cardinals signed Oh to a one year deal that guarantees $5 million, with a team option.

- Baseball Prospectus unveiled improvements on their catcher stats, allowing them to grade catchers back further in time, and also look at some minor leagues.