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Rays Stadium Vote: Live Coverage

The future of the team may be decided

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Today at 3:00pm the St. Petersburg city council will convene and vote to decide whether or not to accept the Rays proposed deal to allow the team to potentially move from Tropicana Field, relieving them from their lease that's signed until 2027. Before the vote, the Rays principal owner, Stuart Sternberg will address the council, making a rare appearance.

To listen and watch the live meeting, here's the link.


Councilman Jim Kennedy proposes if the Rays get this deal to pass, they could use it to move away from Florida...despite specific language to the contrary in the agreement.


I admit that I've never attended a city council meeting, but this seems strange to me


Charlie Frago speculates that two members of the city council may be opposed to the deal


The council just finished acknowledging a local youth football team, taking with them most f the attendance. Poetically, not many people are there to witness the stadium vote

The stadium talk has finally arrived, after some tax talk


Brian Auld is adressing the council, listing what has happened since the new ownership took over in 2005

Stuart Sternberg is now at the podium


Mayor Kriseman is now at the podium

Citizen speakers now have the floor

The vote is coming after councilmen speak

Voting time

That concludes the live coverage