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Tank: Davis Resigns with Baltimore

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A massive deal despite not much experience on the mound.

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This Date in Team History!

In 1986, Reid Brignac is born. He was supposed to be the team's shortstop of the future as he was a top prospect from 2005 to 2010, and one of MLB's top 100 from 2007 to 2010 as well. Brignac had an excellent glove, strong arm, and could even hit for power during his rise through the system.

Unfortunately, his minor league success hasn't translated to the majors. The Rays gave him four years in the majors before giving up on him following 2012.  Since then he has bounced from team to team.


Trivia Time!

The answer to yesterday's question was Ryan Royster, answered correctly by dome biscuit

Wrong answers included Evan Longoria, Elijah Dukes, Reid Brignac, Wes Bankston, Rhyne Hughes, and Johnny Gomes.

Today's prospect:

[Prospect] has prodigious power, making him a bigger offensive threat than most catchers. He can let balls travel deep before turning his quick bat loose and driving them a long way. Above-average arm strength is his biggest asset on defense.

Hint: he was a top 10 prospect for his team for five straight years, also ranked in MLB's top 100 twice.


There are 78 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of runs scored by Evan Longoria during the 2011 season.

Two of those runs were scored during Game 162.

I could just show those, but I'd prefer to show this



Yesterday was the Rays self imposed deadline to settle all of their arbitration cases, which they did with the exception of Drew Smyly

- Unfortunately for the Rays, Chris Davis has resigned with the Orioles and will be with them for awhile after signing a seven year,  $161 million deal

- The Royals have been active over the past 24 hours as they settled with Lorenzo Cainbuying out his last two years of arbitration.

- Also on the Kansas City front, they have signed Ian Kennedy to a potential five year deal worth $70 million.

- Alexei Ramirez is heading to the Padres and Fernando Rodney may be close behind him, inching San Diego ever closer in their quest to become the PadRays.