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Tank: The Hit Show Was a Really Bad Idea

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Also, Justin Upton signed.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

This Date in Team History!

In 1964, Jim 'The Rookie' Morris is born. He was a first round pick in the January 1983 draft;  poor performance and significant arm injuries, however, seemed to end his career prematurely. Years later, Morris was working as a teacher, and managed to resurrect his career, wowing scouts at an open tryout and signing a deal with the Rays in 1999. He eventually made his debut at the ripe age of 35 and struck out the first batter of his career.

Morris would pitch in two seasons with the Rays, appearing in 21 games and accumulated 15 innings of rather unsuccessful mound time as he allowed 12 runs during that time. His story would become a feature length film by Disney and although some aspects of it are fabricated, it is worth watching.


Trivia Time (Ian)

The answer to yesterday's question was Jeff Leifer.

For today's trivia, here are a pitcher's movement charts for two different years. The years come one right after the other. Year one:

Year two:

In year one, the player had a FIP of 4.42. In year two, his FIP was 2.95.

Who is the pitcher?


There are 75 days until Opening Day!

That's the number of runs allowed by Matt Moore in 2012

Zero came during this shelling of the Marlins


Links (Ian)

- From a few days ago, but if you missed it, read it now. This is very good work on pitch sequencing.

- Someone who consults with major league teams, wrote about the changing structure of front offices.

- There's a collective action case of minor leaguers suing baseball for minimum wage.

- This made me laugh. It's about the worst 40+ homer seasons in baseball history. None of them happened with the Rays. But three of those players, after putting up some of the worst 40+ homer seasons in baseball history, then came to the Devil Rays. And people wonder why The Hit Show didn't work.

- Speaking of hit shows, the Tigers just spent big for Justin Upton.