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The Rays Tank: Three more pitchers invited to spring training

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Justin Marks
Justin Marks
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This Date in Team History!

In 2005, the Rays sign their second Hall of Famer as Roberto Alomar agreed to a one year deal worth $600,000 as he hoped for last hurrah and the chance to play everyday so he could eventually reach 3,000 hits as he was just two seasons away from reaching that goal.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately depending on how you look at it, Alomar announced his retirement during spring training due to nagging injuries that prevented him from playing at the level he expected from himself. This allowed Jorge Cantu to become an everyday player in 2005.

Alomar would be elected in the Hall of Fame in 2011 with 90% of the vote after a 17 year career in which he was a 12-time all-star, 10-time Gold Glove winner, and won four Silver Slugger awards and he averaged 3.7 WAR a year. Shockingly, he did not wear a Rays hat for his induction.


Trivia Time! (Darby)

Last week, I posed the question of who had the fastest fastball in Rays history. Now for the other end of the spectrum:

Who has the slowest fastball in Rays history? (min 10 innings, just to eliminate total outliers and position players).


There are 74 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of runs batted in that Ben Zobrist had during the 2012 season.

Two of those came from this walk-off shot!


Links (Darby)

- The Rays added a pair of lefty pitchers (Justin Marks and Adam Wilk) to minor league deals, and brought back former Biscuit RHP Kyle McPherson. All three are invited to spring training, bringing the count up to 60 players in major league camp.

- The Hardball Times has a couple of ways to pass the time until spring training.

- On the front page of, Richard Justice declares an up-for-grabs AL East.

- Also on, Bill Chastain gives his 6 reasons the Rays have hope in '16.

- If you haven't had the chance to catch Jason Collette's write-up from a few days ago on the Forsythe extension, it's well worth the read.

- Grant Brisbee makes his case for why the NL adding the DH will be terrible, but we'll get over it in no time. It's Brisbee, so it's a real fun read, even though my personal opinion is that the DH gives us the privilege to watch less bad hitters hit badly.

- Possible Rays target Wilin Rosario is heading to the KBO (h/t Ren Suelan)

- Chris Archer wants a new nickname!

No Rays participated in offseason action Tuesday, but the Dominican and Mexican championships start Wednesday.