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Blake Snell ranks No.2 on's top LHP prospects

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The site recognized the extreme growth of Snell in 2015

The honors keep pouring in for Snell
The honors keep pouring in for Snell
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A offseason of rising continues for Blake Snell. Snell didn't even appear on's 2015 Top LHP prospect list, but he came in at No. 2 on their 2016 list. Quick rises like that can happen when you post a sub-2.00 ERA across three minor-league levels in one season.

Snell's rise to No. 2 is impressive, beating out other well-reputed lefty prospects like Steven Matz of the Mets and Sean Newcomb of the Braves.

While some may hope to see Snell ranked as highly as possible (looking at you, Danny "Give Me Snell or Give Me Death" Russell), it's hard to beat out Julio Urias of the Dodgers, considering he has three plus pitches and above-average control before turning 20. Regardless, Snell's ranking is nothing to scoff at.

Jonathan Mayo of cites Snell's domination in 2015, saying:

Few prospects in the game improved their stock more than Snell did in 2015. It was a true breakout for the projectable lefty, one that started with a streak of 46 consecutive scoreless innings. It kept going as he dominated across three levels and led the Minors in ERA. He's ready to help out with the Rays now.

A rehash of Snell's 2015 stats is most likely unnecessary by now; myself and others have shoved them down your throats enough at this point. He was really, really good. However, what is worth noting is that they were markedly better compared to previous seasons, whether you look at standard or advanced metrics.

Was this season a mere flash in the pan of success or is Snell's rise in stock truly justified? Let's see what 2016 brings.