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Rays close to signing Steve Pearce in utility role

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Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Rays have signed utility man Steve Pearce to a one year deal, according to beat writer Marc Topkin.

Pearce -- a career 123 wRC+ hitter against LHP -- helps bolster the team's options against southpaws as younger players like Mikie Mahtook and Richie Shaffer work on rounding out their games in Durham.

An off-year in 2015 resulted in a reverse split for Pearce, with him batting a 107 wRC+ vs RHP, but that came with limited plate appearances. Pearce has been a bench player for the last couple seasons with the Orioles, but has also demonized Rays pitchers for just as long.

Another fun way of looking at this: The Rays have signed a name multiple smart people around this site have been floating the last couple of days, so credit where it's due to budman, Jason Hanselmann, Ian Malinowski, and your ilk. Check out some of their great work in the comment section from last week.

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