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Sonnanstine to Represent Rays in HoF Game

Unknown if he'll bring his ping pong paddles along.

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Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Andy Sonnanstine, one of the many unsung heroes of the Rays 2008 pennant run, will be representing the team at the annual Hall of Fame game on May 28th

Sonnanstine didn't have that long of a career in the majors, but that didn't stop him from leaving several lasting memories that will endear him to Rays fans for years to come. Whether it be Joe Maddon's line-up gaffe that had him taking the place of Evan Longoria and Sonnanstine actually doubling during the game or his mocking of the rangers 'antlers' gimmick during the 2010 ALDS.

Sonnanstine was even the winning pitcher in the game that won the Rays their first playoff series.

However, baseball isn't Sonnanstine's only forte as he also helped write a Rays trivia book, available at Barnes and Noble, and is also incredibly gifted at the game of ping-pong.

But that's not all, if a football game happens to breakout, the team Sonnanstine is on will be covered in the kicking department.

It's unknown at this time whether or not if this has any implications on the imminent Rays - Cubs trade, but Chicago was the last organization that Sonnanstine was associated do with that as you will.