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Tank: The Rays Did Something!

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Is there more on the way?

They did it!  They actually did it!
They did it! They actually did it!
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

This Date in Team History!

In 2014. the Rays and Padres completed a seven player deal as Tampa Bay sent Jesse Hahn and Alex Torres, who was coming off a breakout year, to San Diego for Logan Forsythe, Brad Boxberger, Matt Andriese, Maxx Tissenbaum, and Matt Lollis.

Hahn and Torres have since been both traded away from San Diego, Forsythe had a subpar 2014, but excelled in 2015 and was named the Team MVP. Boxberger dominated in 2014, and can hopefully return to form in 2016. Andriese served as a quality spot started in 2015 bringing some much needed relief in wake of the injuries. Lollis and Tissenbaum (darn Rule 5 draft) are both no longer with the Rays organization.


Trivia Time

Today's prospect:

[Prospect] worked to add strength and quickness last offseason. He made excellent contact for a power hitter (even hitting .320 against lefthanders). [Prospect] is a solid defensive first baseman but he played left field extensively in instructional league and showed good instincts.

Hint: he was one of MLB's top 100 prospects with Oakland, and later was in the Rays top ten.


There are 72 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of runs scored by Carlos Pena in 2012.

One of those runs came on his final home run in a Rays uniform



At the beginning of the off-season, Fangraphs took a look at the potential bargains, with Steve Pearce making an appearance

MLB announced that they would be moving the Trade Deadline one day later so that it would not fall on a Sunday.

- Daniel Norris was a top prospect for Toronto, then was traded for David Pricethen found out he may have cancer, and then he beat it.

The Venezuelan Summer League is no more.

- Aroldis Chapman will not be charged for the incident earlier this off-season.