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Tank: A Cespedes for None of Us

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Yoenis Cespedes makes mistake, signs with Mets instead of Rays

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This Date in Team History

In 2014, after he had already signed with the Orioles but failed to pass their physical, Grant Balfour signed a two year-$12 million deal with the Rays. The signing would turn out to be disastrous as Balfour's best days were behind him and he'd lose the closer role by the end of June. In 2015, he had hopes of attempting to comeback, but again fell flat and was released in early May. He has since retired from the game of baseball.


Trivia Time

The answer to yesterday's question was Steve Cox, correctly guessed by td32

Wrong answers included Carlos Pena and Brandon Allen

Today's prospect:

[Prospect] has solid power, plus speed and the best present outfield skills in the system. He's aggressive in all phases of the game, which hurts him at the plate because he makes contact so easily that he doesn't draw many walks. He knows how to use his quickness on the bases, swiping 30 bags in 33 tries last year

Hint: he was only a top ten prospect once and he ranked 10th that one time in his organization


There are 71 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of runs scored by Jason Bartlett during the 2010 season.

One of those runs came from this clutch game tying grand slam.



- ranked Jake Bauers and Casey Gillaspie were ranked 7th and 9th in their top ten first base prospect rankings.

- Heading into his second year managing the club, Kevin Cash is much more comfortable this season.

- Yoenis Cespedes is reportedly deciding between two teams (surprisingly, not the Rays), with one of the teams being revealed via Tinder - maybe.

*Late last night, Cespedes reached an agreement with the Mets on a $75 million-3 year deal.

The older the player, the quicker they wear down over the season? Hardball Times investigates.

- Yovani Gallardo is among the best starting options left on the open market and his market is getting more active as talks are heating up/intensifying and a signing may be imminent.

Bralin Jackson went 1-for-3 in Australia Friday as the only Ray to participate in offseason ball. Leones del Escogido, who have several Rays, are one game away from a sweep in the Dominican championship.