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Tank: The birth of a replacement-level infielder

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The offseason is long.

I don't think this is the right Antonio Perez.
I don't think this is the right Antonio Perez.
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This Date in Team History!

A trio of former Rays were born on this date as Kenny Kelly (1979), Dan Carlson (1970), and Antonio Perez (1980) all celebrate their birthdays today. Perez had the most major league time of any of them as he played in 216 games. while Kelly played in just 26 and Carlson pitched in just 23 of them.


Trivia Time! (Ian)

The answer to yesterday's question was Derek Dietrich, correctly inferred by jtmorgan

Wrong answers included Sean Rodriguez, Willy Aybar, Ryan Roberts, Ty Wigginton, and Kelly Johnson.

The answer to my trivia last Thursday was on Sean Camp, who also happens to have the dubious honor of holding the season with the highest HR/FB ever among Rays pitchers (more than 30 IP). The highest HR/FB in a Rays career, however, belongs to Jason Standidge, with a 24.1% HR/FB over 67.2 IP.

Since Standidge played before PITCHf/x, I can't show you a graph of him, though, so here's a sample graph of the player who's number two on that list. This player gave up a home run on 20.9% of the fly balls he allowed during his Rays career.


There are 68 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of games that Curt Casali has appeared in for the Rays

During July, he had a stretch where he homered four times, in two of those games on consecutive nights.


Links! (Ian)

- It's really important to check up on the projection systems we use. A couple days ago, Beyond the Box Score did that.

- I found this Q&A at Baseball America fun. It's about the best prospects never to make the majors. The person who asked the question suggest Grant Desme, who played a few very good minor league seasons before becoming a Catholic Priest. Now I want to know, is he a good priest? What does a 30 for 30 priest with a too-high strikeout rate mean? Does he move people through communion very fast, and sometimes gives great sermons but sometimes they're real clunkers? (He's actually in an abbey in California right now, so not preaching -- if he were, and somewhere near me, I'd totally go check it out.)

- The Hardball Times interviewed a fake twitter account.

- Dave Cameron on baseball teams tanking. Is it a problem? No, not really.

- Wow, that's a weak set of links. But I'm under the weather (apparently, playing in the snow for five hours when you're already sort of sick is a bad idea), so going back to bed.