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Rays Rumors: Ian Desmond interest, Confirmed

The speculative rumors have been confirmed, will they lead to anything?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Desmond rumors have been circulating for the past week with speculation that he may be a fit for the Rays. However, that was just speculation, after all, Desmond is probably out of the Rays price range, he'd cost a draft pick, plus it seems like roster is already set with Brad Miller pretty much penciled in as the opening day short stop.

Danny just on Monday looked into the plausibility of the Rays signing Desmond and even added a poll to see what the community thought. The results so far are what we all are pretty much thinking, Desmond is a worthwhile player (58% of the vote), but 42% feel there's just no way.

He has three Silver Sluggers to his name and is a fine defender as well. Over his seven year career, Desmond has slashed .264/.312/.424 with 110 home runs, good for 100 wRC+ and 17.4 WAR over 927 games.

The plot thickens...