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Tank: A Day Full of Rumors

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but very little actually happened...

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This Date in Team History!

In 2012, the Rays sign journeyman infielder Jeff Keppinger to a one year deal with the idea that he'd serve a super-utility role. Keppinger would enjoy a breakout campaign with Tampa Bay as he slashed .325/.367/.439 with 9 home runs over 115 games, good for 128 wRC+ and a career high 2.7 WAR. The Following year, Keppinger received a payday courtesy of the White Sox to the tune of $12 million over three years. Unfortunately, Keppinger struggled mightily with Chicago and only lasted one season with them, as he was released early on in 2014.


Trivia Time (Darby)

Kevin Kiermaier had an absolutely phenomenal season in the field, setting the record for highest DRS (Defensive Runs Saved). The question for today goes to the other end of the spectrum:

Which Devil Ray/Rays player had the worst defensive season (according to DRS) in team history?


There are 67 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of runs scored by Evan Longoria during the 2008 season.

One of those came from the first walk-off home run in his career


Links (Darby)

- The Corey Dickerson rumor train is chugging along at full speed! Though Dave Cameron is confused as to why the Rockies would trade him for Jake McGee.

- Over at the Process Report, check out a fantastic break down as to why Corey Dickerson is a hot commodity.

- The other big name we've been kicking around is Ian Desmond, which Chris Cotillo confirms that the team has interest. Grant Brisbee assigns the top remaining free agents to new teams, with Ian Desmond going to St Pete (and also calls Brad Miller the "weakest link" in the lineup, which means Brisbee forgot that James Loney and Rene Rivera are still in the majors).

- Rays Colored Glasses asks the question of whether or not Desmond Jennings should be the full time Left Fielder for the Rays.

- Jeff Sulivan wonders if this is the beginning of the end of the importance of pitch-framing.

- The Hardball Times details the proper steps to a perfect tanking process.

- Moves incoming?

In Rays offseason action, there was no Rays offseason action.