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Tank: Rays Make Major Trade

Things heated up and intensified so much, the roof finally blew off.

The Rays new acquisitions, Dickerson and Pearce, at their new home stadium
The Rays new acquisitions, Dickerson and Pearce, at their new home stadium
Brian Blanco/Getty Images

This Date in Team History!

In 2007, the Rays signed Carlos Pena to a minor league deal and gave him an invite to spring training. Pena at one time was one of the top prospects in the game but he could never sustain success in the majors. That is, until 2007, when he would go on to break sever single-season records for the Rays as he slashed .282/.411/.627 with 46 home runs, good for 167 wRC+ and 5.9 WAR. You can check out a more detailed recap of his astonishing 2007 season, here.

Pena would be rewarded with a contract extension, and helped guide the Rays during two playoff runs in two of the next three seasons. He has since retired and is now an analyst for MLB Network, but the Rays loved him enough to bring him back for one game so he could officially retire as a Ray towards the end of 2015.


Trivia Time!

"He has the best fastball in the system. He sat at 91-93 mph as a starter and worked at 94-96 mph as a reliever in college. He has the makings of four pitches, with his slightly above-average slider his second-best offering. He also throws a spike curveball and is developing feel for a changeup"

Hint: he was ranked the 9th top prospect in his system following the 2009 season.


There are 65 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of walks given up by Rolando Arrojo during his 1998 all-star campaign.

You can check out his complete all-star game performance below,



Trade coverage

Baseball America write up of 19 year old, Kevin Padlo.

- Everyone Beyond the Boxscore hates this deal for Colorado, which means they love it for Tampa Bay.

Lots of quotes from Silverman, McGee, and Dickerson in Topkin's write up.

- Follow Purple Row's optimism and immediate depression during their trade coverage.

Fun fact: Corey Dickerson becomes the first Corey to play for the Rays

Other news

- Spring training is a mere three weeks away and teams revealed their attire yesterday. Grant Brisbee ranks the top/bottom five hats.

Another trade also went down yesterday as the Brewers acquired Rymer Liriano from San Diego.

Marc Normandin says the Qualifying Offer is screwing up free agency, and he's probably right.

- The Astros signed Doug Fister to a one year deal valued at $7 million.