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Tank: Another Signing!

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Just not with the Rays.

But it was not Ian Desmond...
But it was not Ian Desmond...
Brian Blanco/Getty Images

This Date in Team History!

In 1996, the Rays hire the first two coaches in organization history, Tom Foley and Billy Evers, to manage teams in the lower levels. It was Foley's first coaching job after retiring the previous season as a player, however, Evers was a longtime minor league coach. Both coaches would eventually take positions in the majors with the Rays as Evers served as the team's Bench Coach in 2006 and 2007, and that was after serving as the Manager of the Durham Bulls from 1998 to 2005. He'd serve as a scout for a couple of year, but he now currently holds the position of Minor League Field Coordinator.

Tom Foley reached the major league team much quicker, taking over the third base coaching job following the 2001 season. He would hold that spot for the next 13 years, before being named the Bench Coach prior to 2015. We'll have more on Foley later to commemorate his 20 years with the team.


Trivia Time!

The answer in yesterday's question was Brad Boxberger, answered by Jared Ward

Wrong answers included Josh Lueke, Matt Lollis. and Adam Russell.

[Prospect] has a chance to be a complete offensive player. He has well above-average speed and is an aggressive and instinctive baserunner. He has hit 28 triples the last two years and has the raw power to hit 15-20 home runs a year in the big leagues. [Prospect] also has good hands and enough arm strength to play shortstop at the major league level. His makeup is outstanding

Hint: he was ranked the 7th best prospect in his system towards the end of the 1990's.


There are 64 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of runs scored by Carlos Pena during the 2010 season.

One of those runs scored thanks to his team record setting home run.



Grant Brisbee takes his turn analyzing the Rockies - Rays trade.

- For the card collecting crowd, Mike Trout has the dubious honor of being Topps #1 this year.

- After declining the Dodgers qualifying offer, Howie Kendrick is return to them for less money this season.

- Mike Bates takes a look at some of the moves that could shape NL teams into contenders.

- Hillsborough officials will be meeting with Rays brass about possible stadium sites in early February.