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Tank: Jim Ross to MLB?

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Morning News and Links!

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This Date in Team History!

In 2012, the Rays signed Fernando Rodney to a one year deal, with an option for a second one, Rodney was a solid buy low option for the Tampa Bay bullpen and he proved to be an extremely high reward as he put up one of the greatest relief seasons of all-time in 2012.

He returned in 2013 and delivered not a historic season, but a very acceptable from a closer standpoint then would be come a free agent and immediately fall back to Earth with the Mariners. However, his 2012 campaign will always be remembered as the greatest season by a reliever in team history and possibly in the history of baseball.

2012 0.60 2.13 27.0% 5.3% .163 2 48 74.2 76
2013 3.38 2.84 28.3% 12.4% .209 3 37 66.2 68



3.71 3.77 22.4% 11.2% .229 53 236 700.1 700


Trivia Time!

The answer to yesterday's question was Kyle Farnsworth, correctly answered by bvert38

Wrong answers included Chris Archer, Jesus Colome, and Jorge Sosa

Today's prospect:

"Nobody in recent memory, not even Jim Thome or Manny Ramirez, flashed the power [Prospect] has in his march up the minor league ladder."

"Wall-to-wall power. Light tower power. Over the wall and out onto the street power. [Prospect] may have the best raw power of any hitter in the minor leagues. He is also maturing as a hitter and improving his pitch identification ability. "

Hint: a four time MLB top 100 prospect and mainstay in his organization's top ten for five years


There are 90 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of runs that Carl Crawford batted in during his 2010 Silver Slugger winning campaign.

The first two of which actually came on Opening Day and they were of the walkoff variety as Crawford doubled in the tying and also winning runs of the game!



Legendary WWE commentator, Good Ole JR or Jim Ross, wants to be the voice of the Pirates.

- Rays Colored Glasses continued their prospect rundown with David Rodriguez

- Over at Beyond the Boxscore, they took a look at how the luxury tax is affecting this offseason

- Potential Rays free agent target, Oh Seung-hwan, faced a small penalty for his gambling incident and will be stateside sometime in the coming weeks

Random Ray of the Tank!