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Tank: Griffey and Piazza into the Hall

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And an excellent trade for the Rays.

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This Date in Team History!

In 2011, the Rays and Cubs agreed to a deal that involved eight players. The headliner was Matt Garza, who went  to Chicago along with Fernando Perez and Zac Rosscup. Meanwhile the Cubs sent five players to the Rays; Brandon Guyer, Sam Fuld, Robinson Chirinos, Chris Archer, and Hak-Ju Lee.

It's five years later and we can say that the Rays are the clear winners as Sam Fuld had a sensational start to the 2011 season, Guyer has been a solid platoon bat and may be an everyday player in 2016, Archer could be a Cy Young candidate for years to come, and the other two could have been special if not for injuries.


Trivia Time!

The answer to yesterday's trivia: Jason Bartlett, answered correctly by Brian Andersbot

The lone wrong answer was Evan Longoria.

Today's prospect:

He has four above-average tools, starting with plus-plus speed that he used to lead the [League] with 25 steals. He's a gifted hitter who stays inside the ball and sprays line drives all over the field. His patience and quickness enhance his ability to get on base. He gets to balls that a lot of shortstops can't reach, and he has the actions, hands and arm strength to make difficult plays."

Hint: he was part of two organization's top ten list for six straight years.


There are 87 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of runs scored by Wil Myers during his Rays tenure.

One of those runs came from his highly anticipated first career home run.

Yesterday in Rays minor league action, Armando Araiza entered as a defensive replacement, and no one else played. That is not worth an entire post.



- So, Hall of Fame. Here's a good graph showing Ken Griffey Jr.'s career.

- This is way more fascinating than the HoF (this is Ian with his bad HoF attitude again, not Sanford) -- how does the DH penalty interact with cold weather?

- From two days ago, but also interesting. Opposite-field offense is significantly up.

- Eno Sarris wrote about something Colby Lewis does especially well, but there's a Ray second on the list, as the guy who does it second-best.

- The Brewers signed Chris Carter on a one-year, $2.5 million contract with incentives. He's someone Rays fans have eyed for a while.

- The Royals resigned Alex Gordon.

And finally, Mark Buerle may not be retiring, which may mean that the Rays may not be the team that spoiled his final appearance.