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DRaysBay Hall of Fame Ballot RESULTS: Jeff Bagwell, Ken Griffey Jr, Mike Piazza in

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The influence of steroid use did not seem to hinder Piazza in this vote

A big honor for Griffey, Bagwell, and Piazza
A big honor for Griffey, Bagwell, and Piazza
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

After a full day of voting, the results of the DRaysBay poll are in. Astros first baseman Jeff Bagwell, Reds and Mariners outfielder Ken Griffey Jr, and Dodgers and Mets catcher Mike Piazza are in our hypothetical Hall of Fame. You can read about them and all the others on our ballot here.

Griffey received 96.4% of the vote (and a 99.3% of the real vote; a record high!), appearing on 80 of the 83 ballots, the largest total amount by far. Bagwell received the next highest percentage at 82.1%, and Piazza barely sneaked in at 76.2%.

Barry Bonds got the most votes of the non-inductees, receiving 70.2%. Roger Clemens (60.2%), Edgar Martinez and Tim Raines (58.3%), former Devil Rays player Fred McGriff (57.1%), and Trevor Hoffman (51.2%) were the only players on more than 50% of the ballots.

Performance-enhancing drug use affected some candidates, but for others it seemed not to matter. Piazza admitted to using androstenedione, a muscle-building compound added to baseball’s banned substances list in 2004. Bonds and Clemens both were allegedly linked to PED use, yet received a majority of votes regardless. While enough to qualify, they received a majority nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Mark McGwire, who admitted to using the same drug as Piazza that fueled his home run barrages of the 90s, received 28.6% of the vote. McGwire's biggest competition for home run titles, Sammy Sosa, allegedly failed a test for PEDs in 2003, and received 16.7% of the votes accordingly.

Jason Kendall, Garret Anderson, Mike Hampton, Troy Glaus, former Devil Rays player Randy Winn, Jim Edmonds, Brad Ausmus, David Eckstein, Nomah Garciaparra, Luis Castillo, Mark Grudzielanek, Mike Lowell, and Mike Sweeney would have been dropped from the ballot with less than five percent of the vote. The latter four received no votes.

To look through all the results, click here to view the spreadsheet. Thanks for voting!