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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Clayton Kershaw Ends the Washington Nationals Season

A dramatic game five in Washington, Chris Archer will be returning to TV, and Justin Williams attributes his breakout season to the Rays hitting instructors

Division Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Washington Nationals - Game Five Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images


Rays History

On this date in 2008, the Tampa Bay Rays continued to stun the Fenway faithful in Boston as they decimated the Red Sox 13-4 to take a 3-1 series advantage in the ALCS. Carl Crawford went 5-5, while Evan Longoria blasted his 5th homer of the post-season. During games three and four, they totaled 22 runs at Fenway.

Trivia - Former Prospect

The Correct answer to Wedneday’s trivia was Ozzie Guillen, correctly answered by JTMorgan.

Wrong answers included Travis Lee, Kevin Stocker, and Paul Sorrento

Baseball America Excerpt:

Hint: He was once ranked the 9th best prospect in his system sometime between 2010 and 2015