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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links for November 16th, 2016 - Manager of the Year Award Winners Announced

News and links for November 16th, 2016, plus Rays History, and trivia

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox


November 16th in Rays History:

Two former Rays were born - Julio Lugo (1975) & Dwight Gooden (1964)

2011 - Joe Maddon is named the American League Manager of the Year by the BBWAA. It was the second time Maddon won the award, having won also in 2008 after helping guide the Rays from worst to first as they won the AL Pennant. In 2011, he helped the team overcome early season deficits and then their historic September charge that will in infamy.


Which pitcher holds the Rays single-season record for finishing the most games? Meaning, they were the last player to throw a pitch for their team in the game.