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Kevin Kiermaier’s Top Ten plays of 2016

Tampa Bay Rays v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Rays center fielder Kevin Kiermaier won his second consecutive gold glove last night, despite missing months to injury but still leading all players at his position in fielding statistics.

No matter what your outlook is this morning, we can all appreciate this.

Here’s a look back at some of his best plays of the season:


These are not in any particular order, but here Statcast measures the arm strength and throw distance of Kevin Kiermaier's throw home to nab Rob Refsnyder, and boy is it so gratifying.

Nearly boring.

There’s no play at the plate because the runner is tagged up the third base line. The catcher had that much time. Amazing.

2. Classic KK on display here, as he robs a low liner and then does a barrel roll. Points for being in Fenway.

3. A gentle reminder to not run on KK. This is some foolishness where Myers thought he could catch Kiermaier sleeping on the throw, and instead slid poorly into second.

4. Straight away to center? No problem for the Outlaw.


6. KK turns a neat double play. Just enjoy this basket catch in right field... by our center fielder.

7. Kiermaier does his normal leap into the center field wall. Perhaps the Rays should add more padding...

8. Cold weather snag!

9. Nothing gets past this dude. His routes are not always efficient, but on a sunny day he’s able to make several adjustments and quell dangerous situations.

10. Finally, a personal favorite, as it’s so typical of KK’s defense. Kevin Kiermaier runs down Austin Romine's fly ball deep in right-center and makes a leaping two-handed grab as he bangs against the wall.

Why is it so often a leaping grab? Most of the time it’s because KK got there early. He sprints to the zone where the ball will land, and then leaps to where the ball will be no matter if that’s in front, slightly behind, or just straight up.

Kiermaier never fails to impress.