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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links for December 1st, 2016: Labor Peace Continues

Matt Joyce signs with Athletics and a new CBA is agreed upon.

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images


  • Free agent compensation is dramatically changed. No loss of 1st round picks and the pick lost depends on your Luxury Tax standing. Teams who lose a free agent must offer the same Qualifying Offer, but the player must then receive a $50MM or larger contract for the team to receive compensation. The team who loses the free agent gets a pick much later in the draft than after the first round.
  • There will be no International Draft, but there will be a hard cap in the $5-6MM range per season. Very similar to the system Ben Badler suggested at Baseball America, but with a more Rays friendly cap roughly half of the $12MM he suggested.
  • Cubans will need to be 25 years old and have 6 years of service time in Cuba’s highest league to not be subject to the IFA spending cap. Up from 23 years old and five years of service. No word on what is required for Japanese and Korean players, but could delay Shohei Otani’s appearance in MLB.
  • Now that the CBA has been agreed upon the off-season can really get started as we head into the Winter Meetings next week.