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Reddit’s Roast of the Tampa Bay Rays

The Reddit community roasted the Rays, and it got hot quick.

MLB: General Managers Meetings Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Reddit Baseball community is roasting each MLB team one by one, and yesterday the Rays were targeted. It got heated pretty quickly.

Here are five of the best lines:


see_mohn 314 points 1 day ago

Three teams have won a pennant with Ben Zobrist. The Rays are the only one to lose the World Series with him.

Ouch. I guess it’s true, but that hurts.


vslyke 369 points 1 day ago

Guys, we are being too hard on the Rays. In Florida, they are the third most popular AL East team!

Okay but at least we’re not last?


ropes34 237 points 1 day ago

Get in all your Rays jokes while you can before you have to switch to Expos jokes.

The attendance / move to Montreal jokes were plenty.


brownspectacledbear 188 points 1 day ago

Now that Forsythe is the Ray's best hitter he's officially changed his name to Forsale

This guy gets points for coming up with something relatively unique.


LucklessRouge 609 points 1 day ago

Ben Zobrist and Joe Maddon will be forever known as Cubs now.

Well that one got me good.

Right in the feels.

It’s a deep burn. But’s it’s fun too... right?

Read more from the roast at your own peril here.