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December 5th - Daily Great Tampa Bay Rays Moment - The Rays clinch their first playoff berth

Looking back at some of the great moments in Tampa Bay Rays history

Chicago White Sox v Tampa Bay Rays, Game 1 Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

On September 20th, 2008 the seemingly impossible had happened as the forever lowly Tampa Bay Rays had turned one of the worst runs in baseball history into the playoffs as they clinched a post-season berth with a victory over the Minnesota Twins.

The Rays entered play with a game and a half lead over the Boston Red Sox in the division, and a record of 91-61 with 10 games left on the schedule.

The Rays sent their franchise ace to the hill in Scott Kazmir and he went to the rubber against Kevin Slowey. Tampa Bay quickly built a lead against Slowey and the Twins bullpen, while Kazmir and the Rays bullpen held the Twins scoreless for eight innings. Once the ninth inning rolled around, the Rays had a 7-0 advantage.

Thanks to some defensive miscues, Troy Percival allowed two runs to the Twins forcing Joe Maddon to bring in Trevor Miller to face Joe Mauer with two outs. With a 3-1 count, Miller got Mauer out in front, popping a ball up down the left field line in foul territory. The eventual Rookie of the Year, Evan Longoria, ranged back and made the catch, igniting a raucous celebration as the Rays were heading to the American League Division Series.