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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: In slow day, Rays in on a popular catcher?

Also, possibly three Rays headed to WBC.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Washington Nationals Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

Despite the fact that nothing happened yesterday for the Rays at the winter meetings, Chaim Bloom wants us to know that the Rays brass weren’t twiddling their thumbs. Basically, “We talked to ourselves and to other people.”

In Topkin’s article, Bloom also said that oftentimes being patient helps the Rays find good deals.

There are a trio of Rays likely headed to the World Baseball Classic, according to Mark Topkin:

I know there are injury and spring preparation concerns, but I think this is neat. Seems like having good, energized players who get to have the experience of representing their country has possible upside as well.


  • Oh look, it’s the semi-regular message from the commissioner saying, look Tampa Bay, we really could take your baseball away from you. This may be true, but it’s also a bargaining maneuver. Don’t pay too much attention, and bargain well, Tampa Bay.
  • Mark Topkin writes that Wellington Castillo, a possible Rays catching target, is expected to get a multiyear deal. Might not mean the Rays are out, but it might.

In their commentary on the Winter Meetings, Rays Radio notes that the cost of relief pitching has been much higher than expected, and this means the Rays will need to be creative.


There are many ways to be a good hitter, so don’t think of this as a value judgement—or at least not until you see who’s on the list.

Who, with a minimum of 100 plate appearances, swung at the highest percentage of pitches he saw? Who are the freest swingers in Rays history (in the PITCHf/x era)?

When you’ve made your guesses and want to see the answer, click here.