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Ask DRB #23: Winter Meetings and much love for the Buffalo

It’s been a few days, and I’m still in shock Ramos is a Ray

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images

We look back on the Winter Meetings moves that happened, and more moves in the offseason to come. Plus plenty of ramblings about Wilson Ramos and how awesome he is.


  • When will Ramos be ready?
  • Which catcher gets the boot to Durham once Ramos is ready?
  • nomo mocks my shirt and hat choice. (he’s not wrong)
  • Do the Rays need a new leadoff hitter?
  • Does Gadea make it through the year in the bigs? Do we return him? Do we work out a trade and stash Gadea in the minors?
  • Will Archer be traded?
  • Which starter is most likely to be traded?
  • Who is the next big thing down on the farm? (Or should I say, Hu is the next big thing down on the farm)
  • Who is off the 40-man roster once Ramos officially signs?
  • With Richie Shaffer back on waivers, will the Rays pick him back up?

AskDRB Live Q&A: Winter Meetings Round-up! Comment below with all your questions, either about the Winter Meetings or not, and get them answered live! Make sure to follow DRaysBay on Twitter @draysbay and Darby: @darby_robinson

Posted by DRaysBay on Friday, December 9, 2016