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Tank: Slide Rule Incoming?

Akinori Iwamura pretty much lost his career due to an aggressive slide

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

This Date in Team History!

In 2009, the Rays signed journeyman LOOGY, Brian Shouse (Draysbay take!). He'd go on to appear in 45 games for Tampa Bay during that season but didn't post that great of results. He posted an ERA over four and a FIP over five, however he was somewhat successful at getting lefties out so he did perform his duties.


Trivia Time! (Darby)

The answer to yesterday's question was Ryan Rupe, answered by Brickhaus

Wrong answers included Doug Waechter, Joe Kennedy, and Cory Lidle.

Today's question;

Chris Archer in 2015 was absolutely fantastic, putting up a Rays pitcher franchise best 5.3 fWAR (just beating out David Price's Cy Young winning 2012 season- 5 fWAR). The question for today: Which pitcher holds the team record for worst fWAR in franchise history?


There are 53 days until Opening Day!

That;s the same number of home runs that Rocco Baldelli clubbed in his Rays career,

One of those came after his miraculous, inspirational comeback in his first at-bat in 2010



- Mat Latos has finally found a home as the White Sox have signed him to a one year, $3 million deal.

- Recent Cuban defectors, the Gurriel brothers may not be able to sign with a team until 2017.

- The Rays know all too well the dangers of a reckless slide int second base and MLB is close to doing something about it.

- Yesterday was truck day, the annual day of the year in which team staff pack up all the gear needed for spring training and haul it off to Port Charlotte.

- Jerry Crasnick says the Rays still have interest in Ian Desmond, but the loss of draft pick is still deterring them.