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Here's how you can get a discount on Rays tickets

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Single game tickets go on sale tomorrow for the general public, but thanks to the generosity of Brian Plexico, you can buy your single game tickets today!


Plexico is the Director of Baseball Systems for the Rays, mastermind of the team's proprietary information database, and officially a friend-of-the-site. Here's a quick word from Brian on what this link provides:

The link will get you early access to Opening Day tickets right away. On the 19th, Opening Day tickets go on sale to everyone so they need to purchase today to beat everyone else wanting tickets.

On Friday the 20th, the link will still be valid and available for the entire season and will allow fans using this link to save money for over 90% of the games this season (everything except certain prime games).

There are no seat restrictions or blackouts when using this link.

Brian has a great point. Opening Day has sold out every year for the last ten seasons. This is his way of making sure the die-hard fans get first crack, which is quite generous.

For those unfamiliar with his work, Brian began his career with the Rays as a senior programmer and has been well spoken of by others in the organization for years. Here's one such interview with future Director of Baseball Operations James Click from 2009. For those interested in programming, Plexico has a side website with some of his favorite shortcuts.

Brian is also available to if you have any issues with the link, or if you would like help getting the best seats and prices on any full season ticket plan, half season ticket plan, Flex Packs or the new Big 22 ticket package. Just reach out to him on twitter @BrianPlexico!

Thanks for all you do, Brian, and for granting us this early access.

Here's the link again. Pitchers and Catchers report tomorrow.

Go Rays!


Update [2/23]:

The same link has now been updated to allow you (aka Plexico's Friends and Family) to get a 5% discount on most single game tickets. The few games that are excluded are listed once you click the link and go to the web page.