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Tank: Yankees Greg Bird out for season

One of the better young players in the AL East will be missing in 2016.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

This Date in Team History!

Not much happened on February 2 except for two signings of players who had a minimal impact during their respective tenure on the Rays. In 2011, former Toronto top prospect, Felipe Lopez signed and in 2015, Ronald Belisario signed.

Lopez played in 32 games for the Rays before moving on to another organization, but during those games he slashed .216/.248/.320 with two home runs, good for 54 wRC+ and -0.4 WAR. Belisario's time went just as poorly. His first two outings were fine and he even provided a memorable moment taking a plate appearance against Washington. Unfortunately, the wheels quickly fell off as he allowed seven runs over his next three innings on the mound and found himself designated for assignment.

Trivia Time! (Ian)

Yesterday's answer was Joe Kennedy, first correct by Brickhaus.

The following is a heatmap for a Rays batter.

This player is only 25th on the all-time Rays list for infield hits/per plate appearance over a career (minimum 100 PAs), but in one season (the season pictured) the player did lead the team in infield hits, beating out five of the players who rank above him on that list.

Who is he?


There are 61 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of runs scored by Matt Joyce during the 2013 season.

One of those runs came via this pinch-hit walkoff home run!

Links! (Ian)

- The AL East news most likely to affect the Rays chances this season: the Yankees will be without their promising young first baseman, Greg Bird, who just had shoulder surgery.

- Interesting observation by Russell Carleton: Pitchers working with good-framing catchers induced more ground balls but gave up more home runs.

- This was fun. It's a look at the most anomalous defensive plays of the past season.

- A look at the American League fifth starters. Matt Moore has a chance to be a big improvement this year over what the Rays trotted out (including himself) last year.

- The Rays have spent very little on the free agent market this offseason, but they have spent more than the Yankees.