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Tank: Another Day of Spring Paradise

Baseball is oh, so close to rearing its beautiful, gorgeous head once again.

The highlight of yesterday's workouts.
The highlight of yesterday's workouts.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This Date in Team History!

A couple of very minor moves as the Rays signed firmer three time all star and two time Silver Slugger, Carlos Baerga in 2000. However, dealing with a bum knee and failing to report that to the club, resulted in his contract being voided at the end of spring. He would then sit out the entire 2000 season.


Trivia Time!

The answer to yesterday's question was Carl Crawford.

The lone wrong answer was Rocco Baldelli

Today's trivia;

2 7 8.3 5.79 .331 6 16.2% 16.2% 41.1 32 -0.7


There are 39 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of runs knocked in by Cliff Floyd during the 2008 season.

One of those runs scored via this laser beam walkoff homer


Rays Spring Training Coverage

- Evan Longoria was making the media rounds today, mentioning, among other things, that less pressure could equal a bounce back for Longo 2016. And if reading is not your thing, you can listen to Longoria below:

- Rays Radio continues with the Player Spotlights and helps us get to know Park Markel


Links (Darby)

- Pitching prospect Jamie Schultz might get lost a bit in the shuffle of the Rays top names of Snell, Honeywell, and Guerrieri, but Bill Chastain discusses the ways Schutlz is growing and progressing as he adds to his repertoire.

- Check out Jason Hanselman at the Process Report's 2015 hitting performance ranks, with lots of fun data to dive right into. Always neat to check out what the very best in baseball are doing, and where the Rays fall into that list.

- Mike Rosenbaum breaks down the Rays Top 30 (according to's top prospect list).

-The Orioles signed Dexter Fowler to a 3-year, $35 million deal. One more OF off the market, and the Rays sit with a nice stockpile of them going into Spring Training.

- Rumor has it that Cliff Lee is retiring. Lee had a fantastic and fascinating career, as Jeff Sullivan explains over at Fangraphs.

- Also at Fangraphs, Owen Watson has a fun (and well researched) piece breaking down the best and worst of non-pitchers pitching (or doing something resembling pitching).

Stacie Wheeler at The Hardball Times takes a look into the long, strange, and mysterious road of non-roster invitees.

- Finally, check out this super cool 360-degree batting practice video on the Rays YouTube channel.