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2016 MLB Draft Order is Now Set

For the second year in a row, they Rays will have their first pick at 13th overall.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With Ian Desmond finally finding a home with the Rangers, the signals the last of the remaining free agents who were given qualifying offers. Thus, the 2016 draft order is now set in stone.

2016 MLB Draft 1st Round
1 Phillies 21 Blue Jays
2 Reds 22 Pirates
3 Braves 23 Cardinals
4 Rockies 24 Padres *QO to Justin Upton
5 Brewers 25 Padres *QO to Ian Kennedy
6 Athletics 26 White Sox *QO to Jeff Samardzija
7 Marlins 27 Orioles *QO to Wei-Yin Chen
8 Padres 28 Nationals *QO to Jordan Zimmerman
9 Tigers 29 Nationals *QO to Ian Desmond
10 White Sox 30 Rangers *QO to Yovani Gallardo
11 Mariners 31 Mets * QO to David Murphy
12 Red Sox 32 Dodgers *QO to Zack Greinke
13 Rays 33 Cardinals *QO to John Lackey
14 Indians 34 Cardinals * QO to Jason Heyward
15 Twins 35 Reds
16 Angels 36 Dodgers *Compensation for not signing 2015 pick
17 Astros 37 Athletics
18 Yankees 38 Rockies
19 Mets 39 Diamondbacks
20 Dodgers 40 Braves *Traded with Marlins
41 Pirates

The top ten picks in the draft are represented by seven national league clubs, and they are also protected from losing those picks due to their records from the 2015 season. Allowing the Tigers to keep their top ten spot, however they did lose their 2nd and 3rd round picks due to the signings of Justin Upton and Jordan Zimmerman. The Marlins also forfeited their 2nd round pick, but kept their position at seventh overall, with the addition of Wei-Yin Chen

For just the second time in franchise history, as well as the second year in a row, the Rays will have the 13th selection in the annual June draft. Last year, they selected Garrett Whitley our o Niskayuna High School.

The Rays will have two picks in the second round, one thanks to the competitive balance lottery as they will select 53rd and 77th overall. Then in the third round, they'll have the 90th selection, and that'll wrap up their picks in the top 100.

The draft isn't for another few months, however, John Town already previewed some of the potential candidates for the Rays to select, here;