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Tank: Baserunning a priority this Spring

And Jake Odorizzi to start first Spring game.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

-Tomorrow, the Rays will play their first spring training game of 2016 as they take on the Washington Nationals at 1:05.


Trivia Time! (Ian)

Yesterday's trivia answer was Rene Rivera, first correct by essenpee.

For today's trivia, let's look at the best FIP-beaters (players whose ERA was better than their FIP) and anti-FIP-beaters (players whose ERA was worse than their FIP) in Rays history. I've limited the answers to pitchers who accumulated at least 200 innings with the Rays.

Who are the top three and bottom three?

There's one FIP-beater and one FIP-loser that I think people will get pretty easily, so a correct answer will go to anyone who gets three of the six players I'm asking for.


There are 33 days until Opening Day!

That's the same number of home runs hit by Evan Longoria during the 2009 season.

Two of those came in a single game against the Red Sox. The first one tied, and then this one, walked it off.


Links! (Ian)

- Jake Odorizzi will start the Spring opener tomorrow. It won't be on TV, but there will be a radio broadcast on

- Bill Chastain wrote about how Kevin Cash is focusing on trying to improve the Rays' baserunning.

- Steven Souza will miss the first week of spring training games.

- Rays Radio interviewed Ryan Brett.

- TPR's Evan Longoria preview.

- Ryan Romano looks at and explains two of the more advanced/complex pitching metrics.

James Shields bat flip (h/t Topkin)