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The Hit Show, Episode 2: Neil Solondz

Hello and welcome once again to The Hit Show!

Once again, thanks for your patience as we sort out all the platform issues in our launching the podcast.

The Hit Show is now on iTunes!

Go subscribe as we look to bring you regular Rays content.

Our second episode was recorded last week with Neil Solondz, and coinciding with our iTunes debut, is now available for your listening pleasure.

In the podcast, we discuss the art of interviewing, the differences in this year's Rays clubhouse, talk about a developing aspect of The Rays Way to developing multi-inning relievers, and then dive into Rays prospects.

If you missed our first episode, you can listen at this link. There we discuss what to watch for with pitcher and catchers reporting. In our next episodes, we hope may continue today's conversations on Rays prospects, or dive into position battles on the major league squad.

If you have thoughts, requests, comments, or suggestions please comment below or hit us up @HitShowPodcastor at

A huge thank you to Neil Solondz for dropping by. You can find his work at Rays Radio, which you should be listening to veraciously throughout Spring Training. You can also find him on twitter @NeilSolondz.

The Hit Show is produced by Dustin Clingman.