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Rays make first round of Spring Training roster cuts

The Fab-4 were among those to be reassigned to minor league camp.

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Following today's Spring Training loss to the Phillies, the Rays made a large round of roster cuts, reassigning several notable prospects to the minor league camp. This cut down the spring roster total from 64 all the way down to 50. Eventually, the roster will be half that size to reach the 25-man mark.

Please, don't get confused as to why some of these players are being sent down, as the Rays minor leaguer camp actually begins their series of spring training games tomorrow afternoon. The roster remains flexible between major and minor league camp, with Jake Odorizzi getting the start on the minor league side tomorrow so he can keep on schedule with his place in the rotation.

Being sent down allows the player to maintain consistent playing time leading up to the start of the season, while also allowing the Rays regulars to start working deeper into games.

Here's a complete list of those the Rays have optioned/reassigned to the minor league camp.

Pitchers Hitters
Justin Marks Jake DePew
Adam Reifer Daniel Robertson
Adam Wilk Patrick Leonard
Jaime Schultz Johnny Field
Eddie Gamboa Dayron Varona
Jacob Faria Ryan Brett
Taylor Guerrieri
Blake Snell

The second waves of cuts should occur some time next week.