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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Jake Odorizzi strikes out some minor leaguers

Also, good batted ball research.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Rays fans. Now you can get a green hat.

Slightly disappointing to me is that this is not "Devil Rays Green."

I mean, isn't this an opportunity to have a throwback? Let's have a throwback.

Yesterday's News

The Rays were off yesterday, although Jake Odorizzi did get his work (77 pitches) in against a minor league Red Sox squad. Josh Vitale of Suncoast Sports Now wrote about it.

Logan Forsythe is expected to play again today (recovering from being hit in the arm by a pitch).

Other links:

- Marc Topkin talked with Alex Cobb about the experience of his injury and rehab.

- This was from yesterday's Times, but ICYMI, Archer, as always, is thoughtful.

- The Yankees have hired legendary Cuban player Antonio Pacheco as a coach, and Mike Lortz called it.

- This is fun. Henry Druschel identified the five worst opening day matchups of recent years, and none of them include Rays!

- Jason Collette wrote about how Kevin Cash will use the bullpen differently this year, having more relievers get more outs. It's something Danny and Adam have talked about this offseason as well, making this clearly a meeting of the great minds. Personally, I'm interested. I think it will work, although I have some concerns about how using more relievers more often increases your chances of running into a bad night. I have to figure some data to back up that concern, though.

- The Rays pitchers like the high fastball. David Laurila talked to Kyle Schwarber about hitting the high fastball.

- Really really really good work by Glenn Healey about the different value of batted balls for each hitter. This is something to bookmark and come back to.